Meet our newest featured rider, Cody Wanner!


It’s time for our second rider feature, and there is no doubt that we’re excited about this one! Whether on a bicycle or his one wheel (check out his cool motorized skateboard which he coincidentally rode to our interview here), Cody’s positive attitude and fun-loving personality are hard to miss.

We picked Cody’s brain about what the Harrisburg Bike Share means to him and how he uses it. Read on to find out how to replicate his coolness! (joining the bike share will help, of course)

Cody has been a supporter of the Harrisburg Bike Share since the very beginning. He joined at the bike share’s inception, and even made an awesome vlog at our launch day event! So when considering who to interview for our next rider feature, Cody was an easy choice.

Cody, a York native, moved to Harrisburg after college and co-founded a production company called Cap Collective. He is passionate about action, adventure and telling stories, and likewise, he loves the city of Harrisburg.

In Cody’s opinion, the Harrisburg Bike Share has added an instrumental element of convenience and community collaboration to the city. He typically rides up and down the riverfront, to meetings and from downtown to uptown on the bike share bikes. However, his all-time favorite place to ride is across the Walnut Street Bridge so that he can peek down at the water through the grates of the bridge.

Overall, Cody recognized that the bike share has simply made him “happier.” To quote him exactly, “I’m happy that Harrisburg is cool enough for a bike share that we can be proud of.”

Well said, Cody— well said. We hope that we continue to make all of our city’s wonderful residents proud.

Take a visit to Cody’s youtube page to get a glimpse into his life, and check out these sweet photos from our shoot with him: