About Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania


Every $25 annual membership to the harrisburg bike share provides the funding necessary to support a month of programming for a cispa student.

Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania is part of the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention organization, dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help students in grades K-12 succeed in school and achieve in life.

Operating in more than 2,400 schools in 25 states and the District of Columbia, Communities In Schools serves nearly 1.5 million young people and their families each year. Based directly inside schools throughout the country, Communities In Schools connects students and their families to basic and critical educational and community-based resources, tailored to each student’s specific needs.

Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania serves as the state office which oversees other affiliates in Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, and Pittsburgh/Allegheny County.

When you ride with Harrisburg Bike Share, you support the funding that will provide students with the necessary tools to be successful. Click here to learn more about Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania.